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For online event participants
Our physical and online events are designed to take place in a friendly atmosphere, where conviviality and respect are fundamental. During the days of the event, we have any doubt that the entire C!Print community will be guided by these values.

In order to guarantee the proper development of relations between all participants, the organisation reserves the right to intervene in case of:
- Discrimination, harassment or aggression.
- Disrespectful behaviour, images or vocabulary.
- Attack on participants (visitors, exhibitors or organising team).
- Exchange of messages denigrating the organisation or participants (in any form).

In the event of any of the above situations, we invite you to contact the organisation at the following address: comunicacion@salon-cprint.es
All complaints received will be taken into account, handled and treated confidentially, as required by the situation.

The event organisers reserve the right to take the following measures:
- Requirement to the person concerned to cease or modify their behaviour, with warning (by email).
- Warning by telephone of the measures to be taken if the person persists.
- If the person does not change their behaviour, the organisation reserves the right to remove their online account from the online platform.

The incident may be reported to the police and a ban from future events may be requested.